Kobalt Tile Saw Reviews

Kobalt Tile Saw Review

​​Kobalt Tile Saw: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: ​Kobalt Tile Saw

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What We Like

  • ​Their 24T blades are best in its work
  • ​Portable enough
  • ​5-year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • ​Chipping
  • ​Noise
  • ​Other competitors have more specification for the same price

Cutting tiles can be a tricky task if the equipment is not as per requirement. No one wants tile dust and chipping with uneven cuts after investing in a well- crafted tiles saw. Kobalt has taken into account all the drawbacks and inconvenience faced before and come with a new product. The company claims it will make your work easy without any extra investment. Let’s check the company’s claim with the Kobalt tile saw reviews.

A wet saw is more preferred when cutting tiles as it ensures finer finish with less chipping. It also prevents the dry debris to fly around as the constant water flow makes them wet and pumping system to make sure that they do not clog the process as well. Apart from that the friction of the blade also reduced due to water.

In the market, there are many tile cutters that will offer string and angle tile cutting but there are very few in the market which offers the circular tile cutting. Kobe is the one which has come with a wet tile saw which also does the circular tile cutting with the same ease as a straight tile cutting. It has a laser LED light which assures precision cutting and a table which can be tilted from 22.5 to 45 degree. The table assures bevel cut and the same is made up of aluminum.

Kobalt 24 volt brushless motor has 12,000 RPM to complete its task with ease. It can cut a variety of materials from wood to concrete with ease. It has compact blade cutting in two designs namely 7 inches and 8 inches. The guard has been designed in a manner to cut and grind both. An auxiliary handle could be used for 2 hand operation with ease. It has depth adjustment and setting which help in making different dept cutting with ease.

Who is this Product for?

This product is to create holes for fittings and pipe which are present in the area due to plumbing. It mainly suits professional and serious consumers because of its simple structure with the required expertise.

What’s Included?

It has 110 V heavy duty motor with front inject water cooling system and 11 inches to 14 inches sliding table. The table has been designed to procure all safety mechanisms. The blade has the capacity to cut 12 inches tiles with ease. The thickness it covers is of around 1-1/4 inches.

Overview of Features

Kobalt Tile Saw Reviews

It has a compact and lightweight design, unlike another circular, saw. Though a handle is something which made portability highlighted. It only weighs 11 pounds but strength has not been compromised at any level. It has 12 ft chord length which though not long enough but okay to work with. This short power chord is also a constraint on its portability. The main feature of the tile saw is as follows –

  • Power Strength: it’s cutting capacity tells about the strength posses by its motor. It has 24 V and 6400 RPM speed which is fast enough to cut any of the material with ease.
  • Cutting Capacity: it has an immense cutting capacity which also tells about its diversity. It can cut granite, marble, and glass with the same precision and ease.
  • Versatility: the most versatile saw is the one which combines the adjective of both tile saw and circular saw. There is a different type of blades available in accordance with the material to cut. the most versatile saw is the one which combines the adjective of both tile saw and circular saw. There is a different type of blades available in accordance with the material to cut.
  • Portability: it is a heavy machine and not easily portable. A third party stand is the most advisable accessory to buy.
  • Beveling & Blade Capacity: it has very strong beveling and blade capacity. The beveling also depends upon the sliding capacity of the table on which tile saw has been mounted. It has a table with beveling capacity from 22.5 to 45 degrees, though stability is something to question.

It has an electric brake which ensures extra safety and comparatively rare in the tile saw. The blade cut the wood swiftly but it could cut other materials also with ease. The cutting depth is deeper with 90 degrees. To sum up, it is a cost-efficient and proficient tool to possess.

What We Like about Kobalt Tile Saw

  • This can even cut the graphite and marble with the same ease .now that is the power of its blade and motor.
  • It has a long blade with teeth on both sides for better precision.
  • It can cut the glass also with the same precision. There is very few tile saw which can cut tiles and mirror at the same time.
  • Its dust outlet can be easily connected with the vacuum cleaner which ensures that dust should be properly vacuumed out.

What We Don’t Like about Kobalt Tile Saw

  • It is pretty light but required a stand at first to make it functional.
  • Smaller tiles cutting cannot be done with the same precision as larger tiles.
  • A blow port is something missing that requires vacuum clean to connect to prevent dusting of the place.
  • The motor has a very high sound.

How to Use Kobalt Tile Saw

Step 1: put the tile saw on a leveled surface. There is not much preparation
required as it is very easy to use and cut very fast.

Step 2: Cutting required a gentle pressure to begin

Step 3: the fast electric brake will serve its purpose to finish your task smoothly. Clear the saw for dust by connecting it with a vacuum cleaner.


Milwaukee Fuel 7-1/4 inches circular saw is the best tile saw alternative for this.

Final Verdict

It definitely holds its ground against its competitor. The main USP this tile saw carry id the speed. It cut faster than most of its competitors. It is definitely worth your money and time.

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