How To Cut Tile without A Wet Saw?

How To Cut Tile without A Wet Saw

You might seem a wet saw as an overwhelming, complicated & large tool. However, contrary to your thoughts it can be considered as one of the smoother professional tools for those who are starting out. The cutting of tiles with this tool is consistent, clean and quick. However, on the same hand, you also might find the best tile saws to be quite costly & difficult to buy in an emergency. If there is a need for cutting tiles without a tile saw, there are always some other options to consider that are in the market considering the job’s size.

If the job that has to be done is a small scale, you do not need to buy a wet tile saw you could just rent it, or you could use some other tool. On the off chance that just a couple of artistic tiles should be cut, a wire hanger can be utilized to get a spotless, exact cut. Imprint the tile where it should be cut. Direct the glass shaper along the line utilizing a square manual for scoring the tile. Spot the scored line on the outside of the tile over the wire holder stick and press it down. This will make help in the making of a spotless line whenever the tile is broken down. You may utilize sandpaper maybe or any kind of harsh solid plane for smoothing along with any unpleasant territories. If there are any grinders around, you can cut ceramic tile with a grinder.

This should be possible with little or bigger tiles. Be that as it may, if you are endeavoring to finish a breadth of tiling, this procedure will set aside a lot of effort in finishing. A carbide- tipped pencil and a straight edge can likewise function admirably on specific tiles for some little fixing occupations or specialty ventures. For bigger tile ventures, there are various devices that can complete the snappy work of cutting tiles without a wet saw. A manual tile shaper functions admirably for bigger tiles, as it doesn’t require power and is easy to utilize.

A reasonable pair of compound tile nippers helps in getting the corners and bends perfectly. A cut-out turning device has a wide scope of uses for cutting both the little tiles & also the expansive ones for edging and trimming. These will eliminate the time that is expected to finish a vocation contrasted with cutting tiles with little hand-held sharp edges or apparatuses.


1. Tile Scribe

One of the most primary strategies in making straight line cuts in any tile has to be a hand shaper or tile copyist. This apparatus can score a coating on any kind of tile as it is tipped with some amount of tungsten carbide.

Imprint the tile where you need the cut, lay a different tile over the previous one for giving it some kind of edge & then while pushing down quite firmly on the shaper, depict it over the tile giving specific consideration to the beginning and completion of your line.

On the off chance that the coating isn’t scored for the total length of the marked cut, there will be a break in tile. At the point when the tile is scored, you have to keep it on the edge of an effort surface or comparative with the goal that the scored line is (confronting upwards) specifically over the edge of the said surface.

Press down immovably, clutching the piece you need on the work surface and afterward with your other hand, you can apply to descend weight on the area of tile you needn’t bother with that is overhanging. With this, the point of the break will be the undesirable area of tile off abandoning you with the segment you do require and a pleasant clean cut!

2. Tile Cutter

Cut Ceramic Tile Without A Tile Cutter

A marginally simpler path is by utilizing a mechanical shaper or temporary workers tile shaper as they are some of the times known. The tile is set in the machine, the handle, which has a roundabout sharp edge on the end is pushed over the tile along the line you have to cut and after that, the clip is slowed down onto the tile which breaks it in the required spot.

You may find that with a portion of the less expensive ones that you have to run over the tile with the shaper 2 – multiple times to ensure that you have totally scored the coating so the undesirable area will sever effectively.

For just £15.00 it’s extremely valuable and will spare you a great deal of time in the event that you have many slices to make.

In the event that conceivable, get one with a flexible guide as you would then be able to guarantee that your tile remains straight while cutting it. You will likewise then get a pleasant fresh line. However, there are also options to cut ceramic tile without a tile cutter but that might not be that safe!

Precautions before Cutting Tiles with Other Tools

The advantage of utilizing a wet saw when sizing or estimating tile for a venture is that it fundamentally eliminates the measure of residue and additionally filaments that cutting tile can make. When you are cutting tile without a wet saw, wear a particular respirator veil to prevent yourself from little particles. The little particles can cause an irritated throat, can make eyes go red and swell or can cause some kind of cough on the off chance that they are breathed in. You should also not be trying to cut porcelain tiles with your hand or else they will break.

The drifting strands can likewise hold up in your eyes, so wear defensive eye gear that folds over the sides of your eyes. Gloves will shield fingers and palms from inadvertently getting cut while taking care of smooth tiles and sharp cutting apparatuses. A couple of tile-cutting devices ought to be one the inside in simple reach before getting down to the filthy business of tile establishment, for example, a utility blade, straight edge or square, leveler and pencils or chalk-
line markers.


There are quite a number of tools and also, you can also cut porcelain tile without a wet saw and also the same applies to the other tiles. There is a certain set of procedures and precautions that one needs to follow for being safe and for a clean cut on the tiles. You also need a list of all the apparatus you need to have for following all the safety measures. I hope this helps you out in your quest to find other tools for cutting your tile!

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