How To Cut Tile with A Wet Saw?

How To Cut Tile with A Wet Saw

While the construction of our new office place or a new house, we always emphasis on the selection of the tiles. So, it is of utmost importance that the tile is installed and utilized in a proper and perfect way. We always choose the combinations of tiles for our walls and flooring, so the process of tile cutting becomes very important. Tile cutting is very precise and difficult work, which should only be carried out by someone with proper knowledge and expertise. If you go wrong with tile cutting it will ruin the aesthetic of the interior look. The tool selected for cutting the tile is also of utmost importance, you can use a grinder, or glass tool with the best tool to cut the tile is a wet saw, and now the important question is how to cut tile with a wet saw?

The tile cutting should be carried out with accuracy, cutting of tile is a very difficult process, however, if you are well aware with the tool and have the proper expertise, it is very simple. The tool you use depends on the style of cut and no. of tile to work on. If you are planning to cut just one or two tiles a glass cutter is a tool for you. If you are working on a large construction site then the wet saw is the perfect tool for tile cutting. Learning how to cut floor tiles yourself is the best way to save some penny.

The Process of  Tile Cutting And The Tool Used

  • Things to know

If you are planning to carry out tile cutting by yourself and if you want to cut tiles without breaking them then there are few things you should know before you do it.

1) Make sure you are well aware of the process and tool used for tile cutting; and also should be aware of the safety measures.

2) One should also think about the finances related to the tool, cost of buying and maintenance.

3) Get to know about the hardness about the tiles, arrange all the required materials

4) One can carry out the cutting of one or two tiles by themselves if they follow all the above-mentioned things.

It is still advisable to hire an expert to carry out the cutting of large no. of tiles.

  • Types of tools

The tool used for cutting off a tile depends on them, the size, hardness, the cutting style and the no. of tiles. The following are some of the tools used depending on the above criteria.

1) A glass knife, it is used to working on the surface of tiles.

2) Tiling pliers are primarily used to break the end pieces of the tiles, from where it is cut.

3) Whipsaw is used to cut the tile along the arc; it is even used to make large holes.

4) The manual cutter is used to trim the tiles along the straight line.

5) A grinder with the diamond disc is for cutting tiles along the selected lines, and also working on the edges.

6) We saw it is the most efficient cutting tool it is used for heavy work.

7) A large table machine is used for carrying out large scale tile cutting.

Obviously, every one of the instruments must be utilized proficiently. For example, the determination of the correct circles, adjusted to the parameters of the materials to be cut, specifically influences the quality and speed of work. The utilization of suitable devices will appropriately shield us from official mistakes and misuse of materials. Before buying any of the tools, make sure you do proper market research, for example, look for best tile saws for the money you have.

  • Using a wet saw

Cut Tiles Without Breaking Them

Wet saws are widely used tile cutting tool and also the most efficient one, the all-important here is how to cut tile with a wet saw? We will look at this query and will further learn about the wet saw, by following the steps involved which are mentioned below.

1) First, measure the tile and make the markings on the tile on the area you want to cut off the tile. Use any measuring tool and do the marking using a pencil or pen, make sure the marking is strong and clearly visible.

2) Read the instructions and set the wet saw accordingly, every wet saw is not similar. One has to follow the instructions. Keep an eye on the water level, it should not get too low and also change the water whenever it gets dirty, to make sure the saw operates properly. Also, the blades should be in the water, for the saw to work properly.

3) After the cutting is done one can do one extra step of smoothing down the roughness by using a brick. Rub the cut edges across the brick, but make sure you do it with care or it might break the tile.

4) The above steps can be followed to use a wet saw, the water level is important. Each wet saw has a different set of instructions that need to follow properly. This method is great for heavy jobs and large no. of tiles. It is also used to trim the tiles on the edges and also it is great in giving the tile a round shape.

Final Verdict

The tile cutting seems an easy job if one is well aware of the tool, the process and has enough expertise in the field. It can be done by even an unprofessional person but if certain strict things are followed by them. The large scale job should only be done by professionals. The wet saw is the finest and easy to use tile cutting tool. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to use the wet saw to its fullest. One can easily learn how to cut tile with a wet saw if they follow the instructions that come with every wet saw.


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