How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw?

How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw

How to cut rocks with a tile saw? This might seem to be a bizarre question, but it might not be as bizarre as you think. It is quite a normal process; however, some of you might not be aware of it. A tile saw is very obviously used for cutting tiles – referring to the name – and also, as not known to many, is also used for cutting rocks. A tile saw is a tool with a large circular blade, which cuts tiles or rocks as they move into them. It also has quite a usage of water while working with the device. Here is a more detailed version of how to cut rocks with one of the best wet tile saw

Making Smaller Pieces

For the longest period of time, there has been a process of converting larger stones to smaller stones and then making them useful according to the different needs. However, this might not be the same case for all kinds of available rocks in nature or the market. One of the common ways of cutting rocks is using a hammer, however, that one is for the hard rocks or the ones that will not break very minutely. When the hammer is not used for the process, there are saws that are used which have different blades made of various items.

Some of the blades are made of diamond – cuts the sharpest, some are ordinary metal. There is also a mud saw; this one has been in use form the olden times.

Feeding the Saw – Actual Cutting

Cut Rocks With A Circular Saw

When you are operating any saw, you have to make sure that you are feeding the stones straight into the blade and not from any other angle. If you are feeding it any different angle, you will very easily bind or even bend the blade of the saw. However, if the slab saws are new, this should not be a problem. But when it is a case of the used saw, do not think of taking the feeding for granted. You have to also make sure that the feeding mechanism is running perfectly parallel to the blade.

If the saws are trimmed, you should be feeding the stones with your hand. For doing this at the right angle, you should stand in such a way that the primary eye is in the direct contact line of the blade. In this way, it gets easier to notice if the blade is bending or not. This is a clear indicator of you not feeding the stones at a right angle – straight angle. You should also pay attention to keep the table on which the saw has to be kept to be clear of debris.

There are pieces and bits of rocks around the tool, which can actually deflect the rock if it is not clear of debris. There are also people who cut rocks with a circular saw. In all the kind of cases, it is easy to hold the rock against the table – in a straight line. No one has ever recommended that you should be holding the stones in your hand while feeding it to a saw. This is because it is just simply very difficult to hold the stone straight while feeding it with hands.

Firstly, you should find the line on the plain, or mark where you want to cut the rock at. Now the difficult part is to keep one’s eye on the marked line. Insert the rock in the blade gently & watch it doing its work. However, if you see any hint of any kind of bending, make an immediate but a gentle settlement or adjustment.

At times, you will find that there might be rocks that are just too large for you to feed to the blade. All you got to do is to keep one end of the rock at the table’s end & one on the other side of the table. You have to gently rotate it in the forward direction & you have to keep your eye in a straight line along with the saw blade & also you should make sure that it does not bend.

Lubricating Your Saw

It is better known that all the trim saws usually work well without any kind of lubrication, well other than water that is. However, you will find it interesting to know that it is not true. The least you could do for your saw is put in what you know as a rust preventative measure. Most of the time, these have some kind of lubricating property in them.

On the other hand, the wet tile saws comparatively ask for a lot than rust preventative. There are excellent saw oils in the marketplace which might be a little on the expensive side but are excellent in usage. What you need not forget is that all of these items toxic for your breath.

Cleaning the Saw

Before considering the option of completely discarding your saw blade, you might want to give a try to clean it with common brick. This might amaze you but it is proven that this can actually help in incrementing the life of your saw. On equal intervals of time, there will also be a need for you to remove the lumps from your saw blade. Any of the flat scrappers will work for you, however, a putty knife works out very well.

Final Verdict

There might have been a doubt in your head about being able to cut rocks with a saw, but we hope that it is clarified by now. Also, you have to keep in what size tile saw do I need. All you have to do is indulge yourself in these steps along with making sure that your saw is clean. Do not forget to take some preventative measures if you can, they help your saw blade in working longer! This is all that you need about working of saw blades and how to cut rocks with a tile saw! Hope this helps.

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