Chicago Electric Tile Saw Review

Chicago Electric Tile Saw Review

​Chicago Electric Tile Saw: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Portable
  • ​Cost-effective

What We Don't Like

  • ​Shallow tray
  • ​Pipes on both sides of the tray are not fixing a location
  • ​Not suitable for long tiles

If the DIY large tilling job is in your mind then Chicago electric tile saw will be a great help. Chicago electric tile saw review will help you to decide whether this 7 inch saw worth your many or not. We have evaluated this saw on the basis of motor strength, blade & beveling capacity and durability. Other features like warranty, convenience has also been taken into account. So let’s get started.

Chicago electric tiles saw are a cost-efficient and effective tool on the first impression. Its robust build and 10-inch diamond blade and 2.5 HP motors deliver what they promise. Let minutely review all of their specifications to conclude whether they are good to buy for money or not.

It is a 10 inched rugged tile saw with a steel frame and squared off welded base. It comes in cast alloy body with two points as cutting head to cut tiles and masonry both. Its squared-off well-welded base provides enough required support to the tubular rim, with which it is attached along with roller and sliding machine. The rolling tray has steel built up and rubber grip. The opposite side of the tray has a small roller which is located in the center along the length of the tray which guides the cutting properly.

The hose that leads from the pump to twin tubules on both sides of the blade was not very rigid and sometimes a splash of water does not occur on the blade. It is advisable to use a screwdriver to fix it properly.

The tray is comparatively shallow therefore be sure that you are fairly grounded while using the saw. Otherwise, the desired water level could not be achieved, required for cutting surface of the blade. The light plastic container assures easy drainage and cleaning off process.

Who is this Product for?

It is somehow for professional purposes but more suitable for tile cutting up to 12 inches. For an 18 inches tile cutting it has its restrictions.

What’s Included?

Chicago tiles electrical saw comes with a straight edge guide and a 45-degree miter guide. These tools make the corner cut an easy task. It has a tray made up of ABC plastic with a rubber stop attached through a chain.

It has an excellent water jet system that not only keeps the blade cool while cutting but also ensures that dust does not get clogged midway.

Overview of Features

  • Power Strength: you can use it for a variety of purpose but one thing is for sure that lagging of motor will not be the case. Therefore we can easily affirm that it has strong enough motors.
  • Cutting Capacity: for a wet saw cutting capacity depends upon one of the major factors that are water pumps and tubules. If the tubules will not work properly and water does not splash on the blade it will lead to chipping of the tiles. This tile saw has a good motor strength but the tubules needed to be fixing in some of the models for better working.
  • Portability: NO, these are not at all portable with the 140 lbs. you will found it too hard to carry here and there. Portability has not at all being taken care of by avoiding any wheel or handle.
  • Beveling & Blade Capacity: it comes with a meter guide for angle and straight cut. The rubber grip ensures firm trimming also. The diamond lade is something to praise. You can literally cut everything and anything but the rate and power will not be bogged down.
  • Rotational Speed: it has more rotations speed than what is mentioned by the seller. As the seller has mentioned the rotational speed of 3340 RPM but it could achieve a speed of 3775 RPM with ease. Beginning starting speed is around 3800 RPM which settles down for 3500 RPM later.

What We Like About Chicago Electric Tile Saw

  • We like the steel built up and rubber grip of the rolling tray. The rubber pad cushions it properly against vibration during tile cutting.
  • The composition of tray and guide rail make sure that the job is done precisely, though must add not an upgraded one.
  • 3 gallon per minute water pump is robust and active. The tank has been prepared in a manner to reduce clogging from the duct or other foreign material.
  • It can be used for a range of cutting purposes without any hassle.
  • It is easy to change the blade. It has a blade which is spring loaded lock which stops the blade from spinning while arbor being loosened up to change the blade.

What We Don’t Like About Chicago Electric Tile Saw

  • It weighs 140 pounds and does not have any stand, therefore carrying it around it heck a lot of weight. Though it comes with a folding table for durability purposes, a third party stand is more preferred.
  • Hard tiles cutting sometimes left chipping if speed not controlled properly.
  • It has excessive binding due to lack of bearing which sometimes leads to friction around steel piping.
  • The warranty service is just for 90 days.

How to Use Chicago Electric Tile Saw

Chicago Electric Tile Saw Reviews

Step 1: prepare the saw by placing it on a stand or the folding table offered by the company

Step 2: Mark the tile to be cut with a pencil. For corner cut use Chicago miter guide and for straight cut use straight edge guide.

Step 3: tile is required to be placed on the rolling cut tray.

Step 4: Switch on the blade and start the cutting.


On the price, it has been offered it is hard to found one of the alternatives with the exact same specification. So keeping the price in criteria we will opt SKIL 3550 as its alternative. Though we again mention it as not specification as similar to Chicago but for the same price you can get the former one also with some similar features.

Final Verdict

Before making the final verdict a recommendation is just to mention. As this tile saw is too heavy to carry or displace better you opt for a stand if want to use it without any hassle. It could have the smoother rolling action and a cutting tray as an added advantage but then the price for which it is offering the service makes it the best wet tile saw way ahead from its competitors.

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