Bridge Tile Saw Vs Sliding Table Which One is Best?

Bridge Tile Saw Vs Sliding Table

While the planning of construction of our new residential or commercial place, we generally accentuation on the determination of the tiles. Along these lines, it is of most extreme significance that the tile is introduced and used in a legitimate and immaculate way. We generally pick the blends of tiles for our dividers and deck, so the procedure of tile cutting turns out to be vital. Tile cutting is exact and troublesome work, which should just be done by somebody with legitimate learning and skill. In the event that you turn out badly with tile cutting, it will demolish the stylish of the inside look. The device chose for cutting the tile is likewise of most extreme significance, you can utilize a processor or glass apparatus with the best instrument to cut the tile is a saw. The question here is what is bridge tile saw and sliding table? They both are best cutting tools and it is argued which one is better between bridge tile saw vs sliding table saw.

The tile removing ought to be conveyed with precision, cutting of tile is a troublesome procedure, notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are very much aware with the apparatus and have legitimate mastery, it is extremely straightforward. The apparatus you use relies upon the style of cut and no. of tile to chip away at. For large scale tile cutting both bridges tile saw and sliding table are appropriate but before using any one of these one should know the difference between bridge tile saw and sliding tile saw. There are certain features which will help us to decide the perfect tile saw between bridge tile saw vs. sliding table tile saw.


The tile cutting is the job of precision and accuracy is of utmost importance. In the lowest rage or mid-range cutting tool have we have to move the material or tool manually and that can cause the distortion in accuracy but in a high-quality tool such as a bridge or slide tool the tool can be moved swiftly and that is really great for accuracy. Even the best-wet tile saw fails to
provide accuracy.

  • Bridge Tile Saw

It is a great tool for achieving accuracy it is preferred by most of the professionals, as while using a bridge saw the material can be held in a stationary position, and bridge saw is moved, which is swift in its movement. Even though one still needs a steady hand while using bridge saw and each bridge saw is different so it comes with a different set of instructions, which is another drawback.

  • Sliding Table

The sliding table saw is the best tool for accuracy; it can easily handle large pieces of the job, and can still provide a high-quality cut. Due to its sliding feature, it provides perfection in a job. When it comes to accuracy both the tools are great but due to the many advanced features of a sliding table saw and its great user compatibility, it is better than the bridge tile saw.

Large Jobs

Not every kind of tile cutting tool is suitable for working of large format tiles. For carrying out large scale work, cutting tools like bridge saw and sliding tools are perfect, these tools are large in size but easy to move and install. Not only large scale these tools are even great with smaller jobs.

  • Bridge Tile Saw

The Bridge saw are made to cut the large tiles. They come as a fold-able table, easy to carry and move. It has a large working area, so it is suitable for large jobs and it is also great for small work too. It has a strong motor so it does all the large works with ease.

  • Sliding Table

With a large area of work and a powerful motor, the sliding table beats the entire tile cutting tool to become the best tool for carrying out the large scale of work. It is so easy to work with a sliding table that it doesn’t matter how big the job is, you can carry out with ease.

Bridge saw tile and sliding table both are great for large scale work but sliding due to its powerful motor and is more suitable for, as the motor makes the cut easy and smooth.


ADifference Between Bridge And Sliding Tile Saw

For the keep using the tool for a very long time, it is needed that maintenance of the tool is taken care of. The regular wear and tear should be done with time to time. A good tool is the one which doesn’t cost us much for the maintenance because it is useless to have a tool that needs maintenance in a very short period of time. Bridge saw tile and sliding both are good as
they don’t cost a lot for maintenance.

  • Bridge Tile saw

It is a low maintenance tool, if there is one thing for which bridge tile saw is known for then it is for long life and low maintenance.

  • Sliding Table

It is a low maintenance tool, but it costs a good amount of money, for one- time maintenance. Due to its size and usage, it is a bit expensive to maintain a siding tool.

Maintenance is important so, having a tool with low maintenance is always good. Bridge saw is better than the sliding table when it comes to maintenance.

Final Recount

When it comes to accuracy and large scale both bridges saw and Sliding table are good, but sliding fares better when compared to the bridge tile saw. While if we are talking about maintenance bride saw clearly better than the siding table.

Pros and Cons

  • Bridge tile is great when it comes to accuracy, maintenance or large scale work but it lacks in ease of work and needs special expertise to operate it.
  • The sliding table is great in carrying out large scale work but is expensive to maintain.

Final Verdict

In this comparison of bridge tile saw vs. sliding table, we saw how both are best cutting tools, but when it comes accuracy and large scale work sliding table is slightly better than a bridge saw and in maintenance bridge saw is better than sliding table. If are looking for something fancy and efficient buy then surely go for a sliding table, it is a bit on the expensive side, but totally worth it.

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