Best Wet Tile Saw of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews

You might come with a lot of tiles saw the option on the internet which keeps you confused on what exactly fits your needs. We can make your work easy, keeping your “buyer remorse” at a verge, with selecting some of the best- wet tile saw. The right piece of equipment ensures proper and satisfying work.

The best wet tile saw at first needed to be chosen on the basis of the cutting capacity, accuracy, and versatility. Cutting depth of fewer than 3-1/2 inches is not going to satisfy the veracity criteria. Cutting veracity very much depends upon horsepower. Apart from that dimension portability, water splash and dust generation with blade capacity are other attributes that make a best-wet saw.

Top 5 Wet Tile Saw Comparison Chart

Leegol Electric Wet Tile Saw
It is 7-inch wet tile saw with 3500 RPM. It has motor strength of 120 V and draws 5-ampere current. It has a strong cutting capacity with a diamond blade

MK – 370 EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw
It has a cutting capacity of 5-8 inches. It has a strong motor and cutting capacity. It has a motor capacity of 120 volts with corded electric water sources.

QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw
It has 3/ 4 Horsepower motor with 3600 RPM. It has a well-built water reservoir and pumping system at the place. It is easy to assemble a machine and a boon for beginners.

Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw
It has 2.25 HP motor strength and 3600 RPM motor. It has a diamond coated blade with a cutting capacity of 24 inches. It's an industrial tile saw which is more suitable for professionals and advance level DIY.

Porter Cable Wet Tile Saw
It has 120 Volt motor with 2850 RPM. It comes with a porcelain tile blade with miter square. It is a wet tile saw with splash guard at the place. It is highly portable and durable tile saw within built cable wire in it.

Wet Tile Saw Reviews

We have picked best-wet tile saw under $300 with keeping in mind all the specifications which make them best-wet saw. This list will make your work to choose an easy task to be done.

1. Leegol Electric Wet Tile Saw

Leegol has come up with a cost effective wet tile saw which will be an effective choice for the DIY enthusiast. It has a diamond coating blade with a water reservoir that ensures cool and straight cutting.

Product Highlights

It is a 7-inch wet tile saw with the water system. It can cut tiles from zero to 45 degrees with flexibility for different types of cut. It has a flexible miter scale which claims to provide precise align cut. Its water tank works proficiently to cool the blade while cutting and prevent clogging with dust. Its power induction motor can generate 3500 RPM for efficient cutting.

It has an adjustable rip fence with along with meter gauge which provides accurate and straight miter cuts. It has diamond blades that ensure that smooth cutting could be achieved along with a water reservoir for cooling of the blade

while working. It has been ensured that debris and dust should be cleared off automatically while working, making the task less messy.

It has a powerful induction motor with thermal protector with adjustable rip fence and miter gauge. It comes with a 7-inch tiles cutter, spanner wrench, nut driver and instruction manual. Further specifications are as follows:

  • Arbor size – 5/8 inches
  • Motor strength – 120 V / 5 amperes/ 60 Hz
  • Speed – 3550 RPM
  • Blade – 7 inches diamond coated blade
  • Tilting range of table – 15-3/4 inches * 16 -1/2 inches
  • Cutting capacity – 1 inch thick and 12 inched wide

What We Like About Leegol Electric Tile Saw

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reinforces impact resistance reservoir
  • Chrome plated table which resists dust
  • It has a water cooling system which ensures wet cutting

What We Don’t Like About Leegol Electric Tile Saw

  • The water tray is somewhat is a hassle when it comes to fill and empty it.
  • Cuts are somehow not very consistent.
  • Customer care is not supportive enough
  • Chrome plated top get the scratch very easy

Legal Electric Wet Tile Saw

  • ​Simple to assemble, use and carry
  • ​Quick and precise cut
  • ​Pump clogging has been prevented
  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Cost efficient
  • ​Fence needed more time to adjust
  • ​Measurement guide needed to be clear up
  • ​Chipping
  • ​The motor is not strong enough

2. MK – 370 EXP Cutting Tile Saw

We have picked this tile saw I our list for its lightweight and portable body with specifications while cutting. Its plunge capability makes cutting outlets open and easy. MK is a known name in the tile saw manufacturing, therefore, the expectation from its products is always on the high side.

Product Highlights

It is built in 45 inches miter system with 5/8 inches diameter chrome which provides smooth and straight rigid support with precision cutting.

What We Like About MK – 370 EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw

  • It has a hinged blade guard which will make blade changing and maintenance an easy go.
  • While cutting the tiles chipping is very less
  • Sliding table make the scratching chances less
  • More precise cut

What We Don’t Like About MK – 370 EXP Cutting Tile Saw

  • The tray does not have any plug which makes drain really messy.
  • It does not have a stand which makes the process tidy.
  • No diagonal guide attachment present
  • The sliding of the rail is not proper
  • The motor is mounted on a light duty angle iron frame which leads to too much movement while cutting.
  • Rod for sliding of the roller is made up of some poor material which leads to sliding of saw every time cutting being taken place.

MK – 370 EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw

  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Portable
  • ​Good for DIY tiles cutting
  • ​Not suitable for long tiles
  • ​Not for the professional purpose
  • ​Does not slide smoothly while cutting
  • ​Plastic made roller
  • ​Quality is not up to the mark

3. QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw

We kept this tile in our list for its cost-efficient and easy to use features. QEP has relied on traditional features while manufacturing theses tile saw which make it a convenient tool to use. It has a very basic set up and simple instruction guide with preset angles. So just assemble and use it without any worry.

Product Highlights

It has ¾ HP motor generators with 3600 RPM which demands the least installation jobs to perform. It can cut ceramic, marble and porcelain tiles with the same perfection. It has a durable steel table and a rubber foot pad for stability. It also has 8 inches table extension which is used on either side for large tiles cutting support. Its flat table design provides unlimited tile size both for rip and diagonal cuts.

What We Like About QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw

  • We found it price efficient.
  • We found it works great for beginners and personal uses
  • The water reservoir is pretty well crafted
  • Instructions are clearly mentioned

What We Don’t Like About QEP 22650Q Wet Tile Saw

  • Motor though with ¾ horsepower is not very effective in cutting the tiles.
  • The motor is not as powerful as mentioned
  • The ruler does not have enough measurements on it.
  • Chipping occur frequently after the cut
  • God for small DIY jobs
  • ​Light and easy to use
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Cost efficient
  • ​Not for professionals
  • ​Smooth lines left on the tiles while cutting
  • ​Durability is not up to the mark
  • ​Blade get stuck after 3 to 4 cuttings

4. Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw

It is easy to set up a machine with a remarkable fit and finish. It could be used for cutting small plastic pieces, ripping length tiles and ceramic plates. It has two position cutting head with 2.5 Hp motor and adjustable blade options.

Product Highlights

Chicago Tile Saw has a built-in water pump with 3 gallons per minute pumping. It has a removable easy to clean high impact water reservoir. its main features are as follows:

  • It has adjustable cutting heads which helps you to adjust the blade up to 3.5 inches.
  • It’s cutting capacity is of 24 inches
  • Its head pivotal allow 22.5 to 45-degree bevel cut.
  • It has a powerful dual capacitor motor with sealed bearing and thermal protection.
  • Its heavy-duty cast alloy reduces vibration.
  • Its oversized steel frame with precision linear base help in straight line cutting.

What We Like About Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw

  • The sliding table is very well designed
  • The motor is strong enough to cut the tiles properly
  • Easy to assemble

What We Don’t like about Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw

  • Blades are definitely not up to the mark
  • Miter though adjustable but take the effort to adjust.
  • It’s very heavy

Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw

  • ​Cost effect
  • ​Good sliding tables
  • ​No chipping while cutting
  • ​Overspray of water while cutting the tile
  • ​Re circulating feature for water
  • ​Instruction manual very vague

5. Porter Cable Wet Tile Saw

Porter cable wet tile saw is getting great review all around as a DIY tile saw. These have well build durable and portable design with mechanic up gradation.

Product Highlights

It has onboard meter square which helps in lining up miter cut and repeatable rip cuts. It comes with a roll cage that has easy carrying and protection to the cutting cart and the splash guard prevents the water from spraying on the tool. It comes with a drain plug that quickly drains water without any mess.

What We Like About Porter Cable Wet Tile Saw

  • It was well made and good design body
  • Saw has excellent power and delivered great cutting
  • Feed table helps in smooth cut and works properly
  • It has great water management system at the place

What We Don’t Like About Porter Cable Wet Tile Saw

  • The clip that holds the adjustment screw into the angle guide clamp required some modifications.
  • It gets slightly wet while cutting performed.

Porter Cable Wet Tile Saw

  • ​Cut all kind of tiles with accuracy and ease
  • ​Minimal water spill
  • ​Easy to handle and clean
  • ​Cutting can be performed even with one hand
  • ​Suitable for DIY purposes
  • ​The water reservoir is small and not convenient enough to clean
  • ​The table needs to be kept stable
  • ​Too slow for everyday use
  • ​Not for professional use rather than for the DIY purpose

Final Verdict

A wet tile saw very much depends upon the mechanical specification. While buying a wet tile saw keep in mind the review and specification list. The best tile saw will make your work fast and provide you with precise output without any hassle. Take n consideration your requirements and match the same with the specification for selecting the best from the list.

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