Best Tile Saw of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best tile saw Reviews

Tiles saw with the combination of good motor, rubberized plate and strong body build are the best tile saws in the business. We can add portability also to these adjectives. There are many options available in the market from handled, table top to motorhead wet tiles. We have taken into account all of the specifications to review the five best tiles saw for the year. This article will help you to pick up the best tile saw within budget.

Comparison of tile saw has been done on the basis of motor strength, blade quality durability, and portability together. We have given special preference to high build quality and efficiency to complete the job. The other specification to be taken care of while preparing the list is precision and safety while performing the job. Overall we try our level best to guide you in purchasing the best tile saws for the money.

Top 5 Tile Saw Comparison Chart

SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw
It is suitable for 18*18 inches tiles. It is a cost efficient product. It has a hydro lock water contamination system. Its beveling capacity is 22.5 to 45 degree with 3600 RRM.

Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw
It is suitable for 7- 8 inches tiles cutting. It has 24 Volt motor with 12000 RPM. It has a brushless motor which is portable and easy to handle. It has been designed in a manner to take a cutting and grinding work together.

QEP 22400 Torque Master Tile Saw
It is more suitable for 4 -5 inches tiles. It has 120 Volt motor. It has a diamond blade with a water recycling system. Its blade can perform cutting and trimming of tiles.

TRACK LIFE Circular Saw
It is suitable for 7.25 inches tiles. It has a 12.5-ampere connection with 3500 RPM. It comes with 6 different kinds of lads to perform a different function. It has a grit diamond blade which is 115 mm in size.

Ridgid R4030s Tile Saw/center>
It is more suitable for 7 Inches of tiles. It has a motor which draw 9-ampere current. It has a deep water tank which improves the pumping capacity of the reservoir through the splash guard are not fixed at one place.

Tile Saw Reviews

If you want to do your job properly you need some specifications up gradation apart from basics. Laser precision and water details in tiles cutting are one of such specifications. While reviewing the tiles we have tried to pick the tiles saw which provide the best amalgamation of basic and specifications. Portability and durability are the evergreen features that needed to be present in all products and the same has been tested here also. This article will make your choice better and help you to reach a decision without getting trapped in the marketing jargon.

1. SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw

We have selected this product for its hydro lock property and its claim to cut 18*18 tiles at an ease. The cost for which the company is offering these tiles saw with the given specifications put it in the category of cost-efficient products.

Product Highlights

It has hydro – Lock water contamination system which makes sure that water should be contained near the blade which helps in the reduction of clean up time. Its sliding side extensions provide support to the tiles up to 18 *18 inches.

For a better durability aluminum table top with rust resistance surface has been provided. It also has an adjustable rip fence with the miter gauge, which will give an accurate straight and miter cuts to the tiles.

The bevel cut the tiles at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees which give flexibility for different cut types. And the blade could be spine up to 3600 RRM.

What We Like About SKIL 3550-02

  • We liked its blade guard with the rubber seal to which restrain water when tiles cutting is not performed.
  • Its Teflon coated to provide a rust resistance body
  • It is easy to assemble, use and clean.
  • Its cuts, accurate with no chip, are something must to mention.
  • The dual ruler makes the cut easy and straight.
  • The blade guard helps in preventing water from splitting everywhere.

What We Don’t Like About SKIL 3550-02

  • The blade is very basic in function. If you want to perform some high precision tile cutting, you better replace its blade with some more efficient one available in the market.
  • The water shield bracket which is behind the blade can sometimes hinder the cutting process of large tiles, as tiles run into it.
  • The side guard is very high to lock.
  • The saw is too light to be a place and drift a little bit while cutting the tiles.

SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw

  • ​Portable
  • ​Its plastic body is highly durable
  • ​Able to cut 12*12 inches tiles with precision
  • ​Less or no shipping with better blades
  • ​Blades need a replacement for better cutting
  • ​Costly
  • ​Not suitable for 18 inches tiles
  • ​Blade guard post requires some adjustment

2. Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw

It is a cordless circular saw with 24 Volt powers which will deliver you 12000 RPM to complete its task easier. It’s cutting range is from plastic to metal. We have selected it in the range for the cutting range it offered for the price.

Product Highlights

Kobalt Tile Saw has a compact blade with a cutting depth of 7 to 8 inches. These lads perform multiple functions from cutting to grinding. It can easily cut wood, brick and ceramic tiles without any change in setting. It has a 24 Volt motor with 12000 RPM. The upper guard has a 2-in 1 design which has used in both cutting and grinding wheels. Two hand operations can be performed with ease with auxiliary handle. It has a depth adjustment feature to cut the material for different thicknesses. It has replaced a traditional brushed motor to rotor brushless motor. That makes it thinner in appearance and easy in handling.

What We Like About Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw

  • Its cordless body makes it a portable tool to carry.
  • The varieties of products it can cut make it a useful home tool.
  • Its depth adjustment system for the material of different depth is just to mention.
  • It could be used for both cutting and grinding purposes.
  • Its circular design reduces the width of the overall tool.
  • It can easily make 10 cuts, even in a long 8-inch sheet, in one go.
  • For getting maximum blade cutting up to the labor it has spindle and blade mechanism which adjusts the depth.

What We Don’t Like About Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw

  • The blade guard is not as strong as claimed.
  • The sound made by the motor is too loud.
  • A small blow port is missing which could blow off the cutting line.
  • ​Cut the material in time.
  • ​Blade clears away material quickly
  • ​LED light
  • ​5-year warranty
  • ​Electric blade brake
  • ​Aluminum blade guard
  • ​The sound of the motor is violent
  • ​Force needed to apply for some of the cuts

3. QEP 22400 Torque Master Tile Saw

We have picked the torque master saw for all the appreciation it is getting as a home tile saw. It is good enough for small tile works with its unique torque mechanism. Its compact performance with straight cut makes it a favorite between amateurs.

Product Highlights

It is available in black and yellow color with model number 22400Q with a 120V power motor. It has a plastic body to prevent rust and corrosion. It has a very portable design which makes it easy to transport. It also has a hinged cutting table which is adjustable to make 22.5 degree and 45-degree miter cuts. It has 4 in QEP continuous rim diamond blade with a rip and angle guide.

The device has a diamond lade of 4 inches and 5 inches machine table to hold and cut large tiles properly. The device also has a water catch system to reduce the runoff of water. Also, it recycles the collected water and put it back in the reservoirs. This water recycling process.

It minimizes the frequency

What We Like About QEP 22400 Torque Master Tile Saw

  • It requires very much less space, which helps you to perform the cuts at any corner of a tight space, without compromising the motor power.
  • It has a high torque motor with 3/5 HP and high torque gear which provide you with optimum cutting performance.
  • It can cut through any kind of material including granite, ceramic and terracotta.
  • It has a tilting table where the slides can be extended for precise and accurate cuts.

What We Don’t Like About QEP 22400 Torque Master Tile Saw

  • If you have to perform the cutting on large tiles say of 18 inches this machine will disappoint you from the very first cut.
  • The plastic fencing required adjustment every time you use it. It needed to be set parallel to the blade by setting the front end and back end again and again.
  • A water reservoir does not open completely, therefore, the water level is hard to ascertain.
  • The leftover fragmentation after the cut is comparatively more than other tiles saw of the same range.

QEP 22400 Torque Master Tile Saw

  • It is only 8 pound in weight which makes it highly portable
  • ​It is precise in tile cutting irrespective of material
  • ​Its unique design and innovation
  • ​One year warranty
  • ​Certified from certified frustration-free
  • ​Handle on both sides to hold it freely
  • ​Cost efficient
  • ​Can hold tile up to 5 inches only
  • ​Assembly has some problem
  • ​Blades get clogged sometimes

4. TRACK LIFE Circular Saw

Tack life has come up with a standard 7.25-inch saw which is powered by 12.5- ampere connection and the couple of add – on. These add on includes different size blades, shop vacuum, and guiding lasers. The saw also has an onboard blower to clear the forward area dust. We pick it up in the review specifically for its add-ons and guiding laser.

Product Highlights

It has a unique metal handle which helps to reduce the one hand working burden with strong clamping force to make the cutting experience more stable. It also makes the rotating and dissembling easy even without any auxiliary tool. The
laser guide provides a precise and convenient cutting experience.

It has a 5.8-ampere copper motor that delivers full-size performance with 3500 RPM. It has 6 blades of 2*24 T TCT of 120 mm for wood cutting, 2*60 T HSS of 115 mm size for wood and soft metal cuts and 2 packs grit diamond blade of 115 mm size for tile cut.

It provides flexible 90 degrees and 45-degree bevel cutting with easy set depth scale gauge lever. Its gauge lever allows cutting depth from 1-11/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1-3/8 inches at 45 degrees. It provides the flexibility to choose the cutting angle from zero to 90 degrees. The left side bled has been designed for better cut line visibility with the parallel guide.

It is a motor post position that separates the front and the rear for safer working. It also has optimized ergonomic slim grip which provides ease and some fatigue operations.

What We Like About TRACK LIFE Circular Saw

  • It comes with a different kind of blade for performing different functions which extends its range.
  • The parallel guide ensures a straight and precise cut.
  • It has a double protection switch that prevents accidental opening of the machine and delivers the safer cutting job.
  • It comes with a bunch of worthy accessories from TCS 115 circular saw and 6 blades.

What We Don’t Like About TRACK LIFE Circular Saw

  • It is hard to perform the same efficient function with its steel blade like that of the wood blade. Its steel blade is weakest of all blades.
  • Safety button needed to be placed at least half inches higher as it is hard to use the safety button while working.

TRACK LIFE Circular Saw

  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​2-year warranty
  • ​710 Watt motor
  • ​Ladies variety
  • ​Laser light
  • ​All blades are not up to the mark
  • ​Cannot adjust to the smaller corner for cutting
  • ​Durability is questionable
  • ​Safety needed to be more upgraded one

5. Ridgid R4030s Tile Saw

We pick this model for its affordability cum convenient features. Its innovative pro tile saw design has earned it a lot of positive reviews in the market.

Product Highlights

It has a powerful heavy duty motor which is best in class cut capacity. It is 7 inches wet tile saw with stands. It has powerful 9 amperes, 1-3/4 inches HP motor which is best in class cutting capacities. It has to die-cast aluminum table with heavy duty arm.

It has a deep good wall wave which will maximize the water efficiency of the blade with the extension of the life of the pump.

Ridgid Tile Saw has a laser alignment system that assists in accurately cutting as per the cut line. The guard baffle reduces the air turbulence and keeps water on the blade removing the excess to limit the chances of overspray. Beveling head position it
accurately to make 0 degrees to 45-degree cut. The plug-in head provides a controlled cut for electric outlets and HVAC register.

What We Like About Ridgid R430s Tile Saw

  • We can say it most affordable pro saw in the market.
  • It has proved better cutting with longer life for itself.
  • RIGID lifetime service agreement.
  • Stand made use of the tile saw easy
  • The submersible pump provides water to the cutting wheel.
  • It has deep well wave which creates the barrier around the pump which blocks sediments from entering the pump.

What We Don’t Like About Ridgid R430s Tile Saw

  • The guide rail is a little cumbersome.
  • Splash guard needs improvement as it through a lot of water.

Ridgid R430s Tile Saw

  • ​Power
  • ​Laser precision cutting
  • ​Table
  • ​Cost-effective
  • ​Noisy
  • ​Splash guard
  • ​Messy
  • ​Not suitable for floor cutting

Tile Saw Buyer’s Guide

While purchasing a tile saw the first thing first is your level of efficiency. If you are a beginner opt for easy to use and assemble tile saw with all safety measures provided. The second thing that matters is the use. If you want to use it for some of the small homely work then invest I humble tile saw accordingly. If you use are of diverse range then better to opt for a multi-blade tile saw with strong motor power.

Key Features

1. Motor Power

While purchasing a tile saw, try to opt for one with high motor power within your budget. In a tile saw inefficient blades can be replaced but the motor cannot. Therefore opt for a motor with high or reasonable volt power.

2. Blade

The blade is the tool that will actually perform the function. If you want a multi-use tile saw you can opt for many blades while if tile cutting is your sole purpose then better opts for the diamond coated blade. Also, try to get information on the blade replacement warranty as this has to go through a lot of wear and tear.

3. Safety

Though we have mentioned this in last, yes it is the main concern. Have a proper check on the safety measure provided for the tool. We need to keep our hand out of the cut line with a safety button in access all the time.

Tile Saw FAQs

1. Which is The Best Tile Saw For Beginners?

Beginners should opt for a tile cutter which should be easy to assemble and use. It should be light in weight which will provide better control. And last but never the least, safety measures for DIY tiles cutter should be the most profound one.

2. Which Will Be a Better Tile Saw to Cut Ceramic Tiles?

Any tile saw with a diamond coated blade and good motor power will help to cut the ceramic tiles with ease.

3. What is The Best Way to Clean And Maintain a Tile Cutter?

Clean the clutter with soft cloth and lubricant it properly. Always remove the dust and make sure that the wheel doesn’t have any obstructions.

Final Verdict

To conclude, apart from motor strength and blade, cutting action is the most important feature to be available in the tile saw. Selecting the best tile saw for the money is a daunting task but we made it easy for you. Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, these tile saw will never disappoint with their claims. So invest your money in the best tile saw for the money and enjoy your job.

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